Study in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus

Every student should be in possession of the relevant permit issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department. The student visa is issued for a specific educational institution. In case of the foreign student deciding to change an educational institution, one must then obtain a new residence permit.

School attendance is compulsory and concerns the programmes and disciplines of study approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


International students from India will need to apply for a student visa from the Cyprus Embassy / Consulate in New Delhi. When you are accepted as student by some college in Cyprus and Letter of Acceptance is issued to you, you need to apply for visa.The Embassy will be open to students from 10.00-13.00 Monday to Friday. During the interview students must have with them the following documents.

Embassy may or may not conduct Interview before issuing visa.

  Original and attested copy of 10th and 12th Certificates and Mark sheets.

  Original letter and copy from the sponsor's bank (in English) confirming that the sponsor (mother or father) has sufficient funds to finance the student's fees and living expenses in Cyprus.

  Original letter and copy of good conduct (in English) from the police authorities in the student's country of residence indicating clear criminal record.

  Valid passport and copy of relevant pages.

  Acceptance letter from Cyprus College.

  Copy of entry permit sent by College.

  The receipts indicating payments to Cyprus College.

  Visa fee

For successful applicants the Embassy will attest the certified copies of the above documents.

Arrival Check List

  Students will need to show the copies attested by the Embassy when arriving at the Immigration Office at Larnaca airport.

  You must declare a total amount of college fee receipts and cash otherwise you may not be allowed to enter the country. Provided you have submitted the tuition fees for the first semester and the International Student Guarantee of $340 you then need to have with you at least $2,550 in cash to cover personal expenses (meals, books, accommodation etc).

  The receipts indicating payments to Cyprus College.

  Copy of the acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions.

  A valid passport.

  Return air ticket to country of origin.